What Makes A Patent?

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Every engineer strives to achieve a certain goal throughout their career. Some focus on becoming successful both in their job and in their lives, while others work to build a better world. Some engineers might have different goals, yet each engineer reaches certain milestones throughout their career that have a worthy value. Creating a patent, is by far one of the most prestigious achievements an engineer, inventor, or anyone acquire in their lifetime. Being able to brainstorm and formulate a specific item or article no other has thought of is truly something that most can only dream of. Yet what does making a patent really consist of, apart from bragging rights and maybe self-satisfaction? Patents serve as potential money-making ideas that can increase in value over time. Some patents can be worth millions while others have less worth than your pocket change. Regardless of the exact amount a patent can be worth, they still hold value which could potentially increase over time, making it a worthy investment. Next, having a patent hung up in one’s office or stated in a resume or CV is truly an eye-catching achievement that is highly regarded. It represents one’s creative and innovative abilities which can be very much needed when applying for a job or a certain position within a company. Finally, patents allow one to sell, use or make an invention with under legal protection from the country they live in. The key word there is invention, which is an idea or creation that can
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