What Makes A Person A Hero?

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What makes a person a hero? Is it the way he/she acts, talks, or the deeds he/she does? In my belief, a hero is somebody who is dependable, convincing, and solid. A hero is somebody who is a great example with a great character. In the article, “Jose Antonio Vargas Is an American Hero”, Rory O’Connor discusses his own opinion about why he considers Vargas to be a legend. O 'Connor would see that Vargas is an extraordinary champion that everybody looks up to. O’Connor was born in 1951 in New York. Rory O 'Connor is a creator, journalist and filmmaker whose work revolves around media and legislative issues. He graduated from the Boston School as a writer and proceeded with his studies at Rutgers University. He composed a few books such as the Future, Shock Jacks, and Friends. In this article, O 'Connor gives purposes of why Vargas ought to be seen as a legend not a liar. O 'Connor 's most effective reasons to convince the readers that Vargas was an American legend are that he achieved the American dream while being a newcomer and that he was a risk-taker. By way of contrast, Vargas ' being young, hip, and connected fails to prove O’Connor’s main argument. O 'Connor opens his article with the strongest reason that Vargas is an American legend which is because he was a diligent worker, hoping to achieve the American Dream. At the point when Vargas was a child living in the Philippines, his mother sent him to the United States in the hopes of better life conditions. From that
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