What Makes A Person A Serial Killer? Essay

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What makes a person a Serial Killer?How are serial killers caused? Serial Killers are people who kill at least 3 people in separate events with a very little cooling off period between each kill. The kills are performed in a unique fashion and the the serial killer has something that they are known for called a signature.Serial Killers are frightening psychopaths because they don 't show human emotions-empathy, conscience, or remorse.What makes a serial killer different then regular people? While the cause is still a mystery today, many people argue over many different theories which come down to the nature vs. nurture question. Are serial killers born the way there are or are they a product of their upbringing?

Many people have proposed theories as to why a person becomes a serial killer. One theory that has been stressed was the diathesis-stress model, this says that all serial killers have a tendency to act a certain way due to environmental factors. A combination of factors such as self-esteem and self-control, the person goes into a serial killer mode. The killer now believes that their problems will stop if they kill. There are specific types of killers: visionary killers, mission-oriented serial killers, hedonistic killers and power/control killers. Visionary serial killers are killers that are out of touch with reality and are known for hearing voices in their head, mission-oriented serial killers state that their life 's mission is to kill certain
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