What Makes A Person American?

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From our own eyes, we can see the changes America has gone through everyday. The history of America is an enormous textbook that is impossible to complete in one semester of history class. Related to every country in the world, people have controversial opinions on America. Some felt America has the best value and she absolutely lived up to her own intentions while some felt America didn’t live up to her promises. However, I still like America even though she has many flaws. I like America because she is a land where opportunities are granted. Anyone who lives or came to America will be given a chance to reach the “American Dream”. America stresses the importance of freedom and individual rights to the best of her behavior. Most important, the multicultural of the land characterizes America as a country that accepts differences and changes. What makes a person American? What is the American Identity? Michael Jay Friedman once wrote in his article, “Americans have defined themselves not by their racial, religious, and ethnic identity, but by their common values and belief in individual freedom (America in Context).” In my own opinion, what makes an American is an unique ethnicity that is different from other ethnic groups that are based on the race of the population. Since America is a multicultural land with different cultures all infused together, American is an ethnicity that is based on ideology instead of race. America is the land of foreigners. America has a long

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