What Makes A Person Happy?

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What makes a person happy? (Lyubomirsky, 2007) states that happiness is determined 10% by circumstances, 40% intentional activity and 50% genetically inherited. However, there is believed to be many influences on the happiness of an individual. (Pursuit of Happiness, 2017) believe that there are 7 habits of happy people. People who have one of more close friends and people who volunteer or care for others on a consistent basis are believed to be happier. Taking part in an activity that requires you to set goals to achieve such as learning to play an instrument and regular exercise can induce happiness of individuals. Studies have found that having a religion or spiritual belief, discovering your strengths and abilities, having a…show more content…
The participants that were asked to think of 5 things that they felt grateful for were also asked to either once a week or 3 times a week. This experiment found that participants that were asked to think of 5 things they were grateful for just once a week’s state of wellbeing benefited from a state of wellbeing where are participants who thought of 5 things that they were grateful for 3 times a week did not benefit from a state of well-being at all. This is evidence that positive emotions that lead to acts of kindness have an impact on an individual 's happiness to a certain extent. Relationships are another element of Seligman’s theory and humans are social beings so positive relationships with others are important when trying to maintain a happy lifestyle. Humans thrive from love and emotional and physical interactions with other humans. Studies have found that married couples are happier than people who are single, widowed or divorced. (Compton and Hoffman, 2013) The largest study that covered this element of happiness was Inglehart (1990) eurobarometer survey, this study found that 79% of married men and 81% of married women are happy. This study also found that only 65% of divorced men and 66% of divorced women were happy. (Compton and Hoffman, 2013)Another study by Brown and Harris (1978) into the marital status of people
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