What Makes A Person?

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Jenna Mariotti

Assignment Four

For something to be true, a person has to believe it to be true. But what is true to one person may not be true to another. The definition of truth can be seen as a conformation to reality. Truth as well as knowledge can be seen as concepts that are up in the air, and difficult to formulate an actual idea that gives a sense of how universally this definition is determined. There are multiple definitions of truth as presented in Martha Stout’s, “When I Woke up Tuesday Morning It Was Friday”, and Karen Armstrong’s “Homo religiousus”. Just as fish are always in water it is true that they are wet but to them they are just there. The consequences of rejecting truth are unheard of. The ability to think where other creatures cannot separates Homo sapiens from the rest of the animal kingdom. This was not a choice, as it was destiny, a person is born into it. This is a part of biology, just as language is a part of biology. Truth is more seen as a perspective of truth than what in reality is true. Propositions are representations that can be falsifiable. Propositions are defined through language, but language has limitations. The limitation is based on the idea that language is a combination of symbols. Symbols themselves are not true or false; they simply exist. When you conform to reality is when an experience will qualify as true. An image is a symbol and language is a symbol. There are various levels of symbolism, and some are more symbolic
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