What Makes A Person Valuable?

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What is an asset? Merriam-Webster dictionary defines an asset as, “A valuable person or thing.” This cultivates a new question, what makes a person valuable? What I find valuable, another person may find useless. In the aspect of a classroom, I value someone who is diverse and open-minded. As well as a person who speaks their mind and participates in group conversations. These were the qualities I looked for when given the assignment to interview a classmate and find how they are an asset to the class. When given the name of my interviewee, I was unsure who exactly it was. I met a short girl with brown eyes. At first thought, I was worried. What if I could not get any information that would aid my essay. Thankfully, this was not the case. When interviewing Noam, her diversity and opened mindedness stood out. She showed the willingness and determination to understand topics, as well as her caring personality. All the qualities Noam possessed, amazed me and made me feel she is of value to the class. Noam was the first person in her family born in America. Most of her family lives in Israel. This was surprising; I have never met a person who is the only American citizen in their family. When I asked her how having a connection to a foreign country influences the way she sees situations her response was immediate. “It’s forced me to be more opened and see other people’s views” (Ron). Being open-minded is valuable in a class based on discussion and feedback. Coming from a high
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