What Makes A Poem Intriguing? Writers

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Andrew Hartzler
Mrs. Andrea Gillespie
English III
28 October 2015 What makes a poem intriguing? Writers have always developed new ways to make their own works of art more enticing to the reader, or audience member. One method is figurative language. Figurative language allows the writer to express his or her meaning in a deeper way. It allows the writer to effectively get their point across by giving the reader a mental picture or visual. One writer who conveys figurative language all throughout his plays is William Shakespeare. Although Shakespeare has hundred of playwrights, one in particular is Macbeth. Throughout Macbeth there are hundreds of different uses of figurative language, used to convey different themes. One theme in particular is natural vs. unnatural. The play Macbeth shows continuous examples of the theme natural vs. unnatural, which depicts the disruptions to the natural world. Throughout the entire play there are examples of unnatural occurrences and themes, one encounter occurs at the start of the play during an intense thunderstorm. The three witches are in the beginning stages of creating their plot against Macbeth, the witches are deciding when to meet again to device a scheme against Macbeth. The witches say, “When shall we three meet again In thunder, lightning, or in rain? When the hurlyburly 's done, When the battle 's lost and won.” (1.1.1-4). In this quote imagery is being used, the word “hurlyburly” means a large commotion and can be referring
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