What Makes A Profession?

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“Organization is key,” is a phrase I read over and over regarding the paralegal profession. Who would understand organization more than the person who puts their socks in files based on their style? True organization in any profession is highly important however in a paralegal setting it is detrimental. Often paralegals have to handle several cases at a time each with different deadlines. After reading four different articles, one from the American Bar Association, I have learned many different things about the paralegal profession, changed my mind about the area of the profession that interests me and found a couple areas where I can see changes in the profession. Often times one holds an idea about what a profession is all about only to…show more content…
This opened my eyes to new possibilities within a law firm and their positions available. I also learned, depending on the size of the law firm, law firms can have a “hierarchy” per say within the workplace. Depending on the work load an attorney can chose to appoint a paralegal as the head of a project in which that specific paralegal can instruct other paralegals into specified roles for the project, truly a new concept since I believed all paralegals within the law firm would be at the same level. It seemed very interesting to see when this "hierarchy" comes into place and how the flow of communication happens within everyone in the team. Becoming more informed with the current changes of a profession can become a guide into choosing an area in the profession that most suites ones’ talent. A paralegal is not just about filing paperwork, preparing affidavits, or dealing with clients, it’s about knowing the information that can help not only oneself, but the attorneys and clients involved. With all the different legal settings and sections of the law it becomes difficult to narrow down on a specific area of a profession that could interest one into the profession. I can still remember back to my high school class of psychology in which we took personality tests online in which the test would provide with jobs that matched our personality the best. Imagine my surprise when the word “paralegal” appeared on my computer
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