What Makes A Quilt?

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There is nothing more interesting, and rewarding, than hand piecing a quilt top. An assortment of articles is needed, such as: straight pins, brightly colored scraps of material, your quilt block pattern pieces, scissors, a needle, thread, and a thimble. One other item, not necessarily needed but very helpful, is a good warm fire and a lot of heavy snow clouds. First of all, your scraps need to be flat, and pressed, if possible. You need to start with a simple pattern, such as the "Nine Patch" if you have never pieced a quilt top before. Choose the kinds of material that you desire for each color that you want to put in your quilt block. Place the pattern piece on the material and pin down with straight pins so that the material won 't slip while you are cutting and cause your piece to come out oddly shaped. Proceed in this manner, with each pattern piece, until you have enough pieces cut out for the block. It is better to cut pieces for enough blocks to last for the length of time that you plan to work. It may take some guessing on this part. If you desire to, you can cut enough pieces for the entire quilt top, however I would suggest not trying to do too much cutting at once because you may get ready to quit before you get to the fun part. I prefer to cut for awhile and then do some sewing, then you can go back and cut some more. More than likely you will not be able to finish the complete top in one day, anyway. After your pieces are all cut, find a good, comfortable
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