What Makes A Quilt Like A Pro : Tips And Tricks For Beginning Quilters

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How to Quilt Like a Pro: Tips and Tricks for Beginning Quilters If you’re inexperienced at quilting and feel intimidated by it overall, I want to ensure you that nearly everyone feels that way initially – beginning quilters generally feel a bit lost until they have practiced their newly acquired skills for some time. Although quilting may seem daunting until you know what you’re doing, don’t give up on it! The ultimate results can be rewarding, indeed. Why do I wish to encourage you to forge ahead in your efforts to get started (or continue) at basic quilting? One reason is that the art of quilting is rich in historical significance. This craft was introduced to Europeans as far back as the 12th century. Quilting gave women a means of social interaction while remaining productive. Today, both women and men of all ages may enjoy quilting alone and in groups – and so, the tradition continues. I also know that making a quilt can be an immensely enjoyable and gratifying experience. No matter how overwhelmed you may feel when you’re getting started, familiarizing yourself with the terminology, and learning the basic techniques – the ultimate goal is worth muddling through when you feel uncertain about the outcome. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes – learning from those mistakes will ultimately make you a more skilled quilter. All accomplished quilters were beginning quilters at some point! If you aren’t fortunate enough to have someone to guide you at becoming an

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