Describe The Relationship Between Success And Failure

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Although evidence attributes our intelligence to our parent’s genetics, there also exist environmental factors that suggest that there is general intelligence, which can be measured. A person’s attitude may orient or predetermine the way we handle a situation. For instance, people distinguish themselves from two common traits; While some invest, their time documenting their intelligence, others continue to enhance their way of thinking. These beliefs profoundly affect our lives in such way that our mindsets reflect our abilities and potential. It establishes a relationship with success and failure because one believes our success and flaws occur through one’s own actions as opposed to those with “fixed” mindsets who believe that they are,…show more content…
She is always telling me and my brothers to work hard in life and to do our best so we can have a better life than the one she had while growing up. My biggest motivation to work hard and to always do my best is my dad. I lost him when I was only 6 years old, every time I feel like giving up I think of him and how I want to make him proud and for him to know that I have succeeded in life. My career is also a motivation for my success in life. I think about what I want to become in life and where I want to be in the future and it motivates me to do better and to not give up so easily. I’ve learn that in life to get what you want you need to work hard for it and to know that all the choices you make in life depend on it. Just like I have my motivations or strengths, I also have weaknesses in my educational life. One of those is that sometimes I get so lazy and distracted with what is around me, it keeps me from doing what I’m supposed to be in school or when I’m doing my homework. Another one of my weaknesses is that is finding some subjects hard to understand even English since it’s not my firs language, it takes me more time to process the things that I do in class because I have to take my time and read in carefully in order to understand it better. I’ve learned to use this strengths and weaknesses to make my learning process a lot better and easier if it’s possible. I still have a lot to do to be a better
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