What Makes A Sense Of Encounters Or Experiences You Have Had?

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Essay #4: How might these results help to make sense of encounters or experiences you have had?
In my career, starting in 1990 till 2003, my work experience has been predominantly in and with various customers in Asia namely India, Japan, South Korea and Singapore. This probably has created an implicit association in my mind resulting in seeing Asians as a group and Europeans as a different group.
In 2013, I made a 4 day trip to Dubai with family. That was my first trip to a Middle Eastern country. I could see that I felt a little out of place in that country in spite of my exposure and knowledge of Islam. I wonder if the implicit bias indicated in the result of Religion IAT is a reason for this feeling.
I could very well make sense and associate with the results showing no gender bias on career and science. I was brought up in a culture where equal rights and education for women is a challenge even today. In spite of that my sisters are well educated, one with a degree in English literature and another with a masters degree in computer science. My wife is well educated as well with a degree in business management and PG diploma in computer science. She has been a career woman for a long time. At work also many of my staff are women. So I find that the results align with my experience.
As mentioned earlier, I was surprised by the test result indicating a bias towards fat people. As a matter of fact, many in my family are on the heavier side. Introspecting a little bit more
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