What Makes A Smart Person I Ever Met? Essay

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Have you ever been in a situation where you felt so simple minded or slow because you didn’t understand something? Well… that’s me on a day to day basis. My family always told me “Boy your light always seems to be on but it doesn’t shine too bright”, or I get one of these “You are the dumbest smart person I ever met”. They tell me things like this because I was always book smart but never had too much common sense. I don’t know why but little things seem to go over my head. So during my younger years and sometimes at this age I get caught without my thinking cap on unless I’m in a classroom setting. Its been time when people made jokes and I didn’t catch em and I would feel a tad bit slow but I’ve learned to accept it. The bulk of my lack of common sense moments came during the basketball season. For whatever reason it takes me a Tad bit longer to understand things like plays and defensive rotations and assignments. Basketball is a mental and physical sport and sometimes my coach and my teammates had no problem making me feel like I was mentally retarded super-strong, Super-aggressive basketball player. My teammates would say things like “Bill (my basketball/high school nickname because of my Bill Russell style of play) the play is not that hard just pay fucking attention stop acting like your stupid”. And my coach said he would take my playing time away from me because I couldn’t learn the team strategies and techniques properly. This made me feel like I wasn’t needed on

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