What Makes A Society?

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We are living in a society menaced by those within. One filled with hate, bitterness, pain, and deception. One also filled with love, help, protection and innocence. It seems like its consistently Black and white but when it is really examined, it is much more. It is black and white intertwined with much more than the good and the bad. Because of their Ignorance. The worst of it all. To be horrible and not recognize it. That is why we need to educate. We need to change the paradigms of society, of education, it is disfiguring our past, present, and future. To change society, starting small is what it is needed. Because what you 'll change actions does not change in what they believe in; ignorance. Education is what paves the way to a better future. One without the constraints of Ignorance and Prejudice. I am talking to you, the future our society. The people who will mold the minds of others, of children. The people who can change the paradigms of education and society with a single sentence; or even a single sentence. What you say can impact more than those in your close proximity. Unknowingly you will change a children’s stance on something, and slowly but surely these children will impact the people that surround them as well. While I am not a teacher myself, I am a student, one that is still yet to see the unveiling of the complete truth, but no one will ever see it. It is so obscure not because it is hidden, but because it is relative. It is based on one’s
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