What Makes A Sports Fan?

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Ultimately how does one develop into a sports fan? While every person is different when it comes to sports, in one way or another, we all have been lured to the spectacle of the game. But who ultimately influences a person’s choice of sports team to cheer for? Is it TV? Is it Geography? Is it peers? Teachers, coaches, family… what? The answer’s surprisingly simple! In an overwhelming number of public responses, it’s Dad! Dad decides and is how the creation of a sports fan is born.

Since the creation of man, sports have played a considerable part in influencing the way people live their lives. Major League Sports are now a profound and integral part of our society. “Fandom is a modern day slang term used to refer to a subculture composed
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The salaries of athletes were only peanuts twenty to thirty years ago compared to what their salaries are today. However, in my opinion, I believe the world of sports in the United States is far from reasonable when it comes to athletes’ salaries. Many fans are outraged with the high priced contracts given to professional athletes these days. I can’t blame them, many athletes are making more money in just one year than the average citizen will make in their lifetime. Though economics is key in the understanding of why athletes earn such tremendous salaries, but it still fails to explain why they actually deserve it. The justification is that the high salaries distinguish the “stars” from the “normal players,” however I feel that these salaries are not at all reflective of an athlete’s economic importance. Their salaries keep increasing because they know that the public will continue paying for it. I argue that the time commitments these athletes make do not in any way justify their salaries. Teachers, doctors, lawyers, even the president of the United States of America’s time are also valuable to our everyday lives in order to keep the world moving and to better society and yet their salaries don’t justify their time…show more content…
On Friday night, our basketball team made us angry, we lost to the worse team in the NBA, what was the coach thinking putting that player in? However, on Sunday night, just forty eight hours after our evening of anger, sports had provided us with a redemption story. Our football team is now heading into the Super Bowl! Wow, what a game! Then on Friday we were left scratching our heads at the no- hitter game that we just had watched. What would happen if our society lacked professional sports? I imagine it would be replaced with an increase of societal violence. Numerous people use competitive sports as an outlet for aggression and hostility. It has been suggested that, “Sport is war without weapons…” Individuals and organizations have begun recognizing that sports are a powerful vehicle for building peace. Sports inspire us like nothing else. They have a positive impact on both participants and spectators. They allow us to switch gears, moving from the mundane to the exceptional. Without, we would be impoverished by a lack of vision of what is possible for a human being. We do sports because we need a way to channel our aggression and make use of our strengths and instincts. When “our team” can beat the “other team” in competition, it makes us feel good. When simplifying sports down to the human level, it is a “tribe vs. tribe” battle, but it doesn’t involve killing for
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