What Makes A Success?

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What is Success? In today’s society, people have different views or opinions about success. It could be wealth, fame, power, or respect. My parents, I feel, are very successful people. They go to work everyday to support me and pay bills. They make sure that I have everything I need and not my wants. In that case, I asked both of my parents what their definition of success is. My dad gave me a great example, high school. He said that finishing high school can be my success. He said success is achieving most goals that you set for yourself. For example, my goal was to get accepted by Florida Atlantic University. Fortunately, that goal has been accomplished. My mom also gave me her definition of success is and how it is measured. She…show more content…
Reporters spend on a lot of time interviewing people and investigating stories that could later be breaking news. Reporters are always traveling and spend no time in the office. This occupation is full time. The work is often hastily, with high demands to meet deadlines and to be the first reporter to publish a news story on a subject (Reporters, Correspondents, and Broadcast News Analysts). Reporters may need to work long hours or change their work schedule in order to follow breaking news (Reporters, Correspondents, and Broadcast News Analysts). News stories can happen at anytime of the day so journalists work night and weekdays ((Reporters, Correspondents, and Broadcast News Analysts). There are a few job qualifications for attaining a job like this. A bachelor’s degree in communications or journalism is the most favorable asset when evaluated by employers. They always recommend one to have experience with print or broadcasting preferably in the field (Reporter Training Information). Any kind of education should contain experience through internships or part-time work through a broadcast station. Further experience can be gained working at any school, U.S. Armed Forces, or station publications. Students should also apply for journalism based scholarships offered by many colleges and foundations (Reporter Training Information). Reporters typically begin their careers at smaller stations or publications and move on to larger ones later in their career.
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