What Makes A Successful Leader?

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What makes a successful leader? Being detailed, organized, and punctual are attributes that come to mind. However, there is a different set of key characteristics that are necessary to becoming an effective leader. An effective leader will meet people’s needs not their wants, leaders will offer themselves selflessly to help others, and effective leaders love their people. These characteristics, found in The Servant, by James Hunter, describe a transformational way of leading, servant leadership.
Leadership Characteristics Great leaders implement a balance between meeting their people’s needs and accommodating their wants (Hunter, 1998). Focusing on what people need benefits their success and builds trust between both parties. Meeting people’s needs does not allow the people to take over leadership like one may think, but it allows the people to have confidence in their leader and know the necessities to do their job are taken care of. Demonstrating servant leadership is all about being a servant, not a slave (Hunter, 1998). A perfect example of this would be employees asking to have higher hourly pay. However, if a company gives every employee a raise when it is not fiscally possible, they may go out of business and the all the jobs would be lost leaving everyone without any pay at all (Hunter, 1998). If a parent allows their elementary school child to stay up as late as they want, the child would be exhausted at school and their grades will decline. If a leader gave in to…
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