What Makes A Successful Nurse Leader?

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Introduction What does it take to become a successful nurse leader? Many people have different ideas on what makes a leader successful. The professional nurse leader is someone who is looked up to and admired. Most nurses are leaders already without even knowing it. With the proper preparation and guidance, all nurses have the potential to be great leaders and managers. Manager vs. leader The terms manager and leader are often used interchangeably, but in reality they possess very different qualities. It can be said that leaders need to have some management skills, but managers do not need to possess leadership qualities. Some qualities they do have in common include the ability to work with groups of people and the need to meet certain…show more content…
I would want my employees to share their ideas and be involved in the decision-making process with me. I have had managers who get involved in their staff and help them out on the floor when needed. On the other hand, I have had managers who stayed in their office all day with the door closed. If I were a manager I would want my staff to feel like I am there to help them whenever needed. It is important for employees to know that their manager is supportive of them, especially in the health care setting. The qualities that I possess that would make me an effective leader are my ability to stay calm in certain situations and compassion for what I do. I think it is important to keep composure in certain situations. When people stay calm they are better able to control situations better and people are more likely to follow their lead. When lead people become frantic it makes their followers become frantic as well. My compassion would also make me an effective leader. In order to lead people the person leading should have compassion for what they are fighting for. I think it motivates people to see their leader really caring. For example, I am very passionate about the environment. When I talk to people about the

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