What Makes A Trojan Horse?

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I wonder why he even bothers coming on these threads, the problem they have is they have nothing to defend, so they have to remove what we have, to succeed.

I put it to my philosophy teacher that new atheist have deceptive actions, what they do is create a Trojan horse “god”, it is an evil “god” that is dressed as the God of the bible, we are encouraged to take this god, once we accept it, we then are forced to defend the evil god. The Trojan god is nothing more than an exchange, we are to exchange the God of the bible for the evil god, it works like hate chain mail, he told me the following week I was right that is exactly what some do, he said think of a way how to defeat that, I did and got a "B" for the solution and an "A" for the
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And yes you 're teacher is right, if I had a penny for everything I knew that the authoritative world is telling me that I knew just isn 't quite so I 'd be a rich man & its not just in the area of theism/atheism as well for that matter.

The book was on how the arguments put forward by new atheists fail; the author picks a few common arguments the new atheist use and shows just how stupid the arguments are when you break them down, he writes in an amusing way too. My teacher said she has noticed that since I have been taught at the centre, I have tended to use, published reasoning, which really concerned her as my strengths was coming up with a nugget every now and then, and I was just becoming another academic voice. She said she mentioned it to the lectures twice.
Yes it’s definitely a very good idea to stay away from people like this they are just poison, if you get mixed up in that stuff it will just leave you cold, alone and possibly even broke or worse dead, take my word for it.

Sir, I do take your word for it, I would not get involved with them for the following reasons too-
1. It would not be honouring to my dad.
2. I have had too much invested in me by many good people, it would be disrespectful to those who did not have that benefit to waste what has been given to me so generously.
3. I love my life just as it is, I never thought I would ever say that after I lost my mum, I still miss her greatly and I think I always will, I will cry with
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