What Makes A Typical Day For Greg?

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1)“What brings you here today?” This gives the parent to tell me any problems that they may have with Greg. Also this gives me a chance to match up the symptoms on my paper with what they are saying and if anything else changed or is different. 2) “What is a typical day for Greg?” This again is a very broad question that can the parents can hopefully fill with as many details as necessary. I can use this to interpret any abnormalities if I hear them. 3) “Are there any instances where Greg could not hear you well or at all” Seeing if the client has a hearing problem or not should be at least one of the first three questions during the interview. The client will be screened anyway for hearing but it will be nice to see if that is the sole reason for any problems, and if that is the case,I can tell the audiologist. Without good hearing anything in speech therapy would be useless. 4) “How does Greg behave at home” I want to see if he is typical in his home interaction whether it be with his parents or any siblings that he may have. I want to see if there are any discrepancies. 5) “How is Greg doing in school?” I want to follow up with this question because it was a teacher who referred Greg to see a SLP. Since he is no doing so well in school I want to see if I can get details out of them that might help with a diagnosis. I want to know if it 's a problem in a particular subject or what aspect of school is difficult for young Greg.…

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