What Makes A White Christmas?

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Sweet What makes a White Christmas; is it the snow? Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area there was never a lot of that. There was however another white substance the holiday wouldn’t be complete without; Sugar, which is in desperate need of government regulation that promotes health education and a limited intake has been entrenched into our culture. Without it we don’t have fruitcake, gingerbread houses, or eggnog. This isn’t a new tradition either. we’ve been domesticating sugar cane for approximately 10,000 years, using sugars as a valuable tool to survive the winter. However “Sugar is a poison by itself when consumed at high doses”(Lustig as cited by Cohen) and may no longer be worth the health consequences it brings about. In order to gain a better understanding of the role sugar plays within our food system I reduced my intake to below that of the WHO guideline of 50g/day. This guideline is a number that largely came about from lobbying by the sugar industry and so I created a limit closer to the original guideline established by the WHO of 25g/day(WHO, Bittman). Presently, every age group consumes more than the optimal 25g/day and all age groups with the exception of children as shown in the graph below fail to consume under the the 50g/day limit. Initially, I encountered fierce cravings and it is my belief that the only thing that stopped me from bringing my experiment to a swift end was the lack of sugar within my apartment and the resulting
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