What Makes A Woman Feel Beautiful?

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constantly thrown at people through images and the language the media uses. A Lancome advertisement asks, “what makes a woman feel beautiful?” with the response “a youthful radiance that shines from within.” In just seven days a woman can feel much more beautiful by using Lancomes new serum that will make her look younger. Underneath these words in small print Lancome also states, “beauty has no age, #loveyourage. (Vogue)” The media is constantly contradicting themselves with what they advertise. A woman is supposed to buy this new serum so she will be more attractive and beautiful, but, at the same time she is supposed to embrace and love the age she is. As stated in No-one Expects Me Anywhere, Pamela Gibson states, “…above all we need to rethink our attitudes of aging… our negative images of old age are constantly reinforced through film, television, and newspapers, where representation often resembles caricature (Gibson, 87).” By only accepting and representing one small portion of society, the media is setting up consequences for the rest of society who do not fall under the accepted standards. As a whole, Vogue represents women in a way that takes away from their identity. Fashion magazines like Vogue are supposed to show fashions and cosmetics that can give women a sense of expression and a way for them to truly identify for themselves. More often than not only a woman’s body is displayed, taking away from her being a human being just like everyone else. Fashion and
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