What Makes A World Without Water?

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A World without Water: Imagine on earth without water, life without water we find it every way; in the atmosphere and below our feet three quarters of the earth’s surface is covered by this essential liquid. It’s a difficult thing to imagine in life without water, because our own survival depends on it; in fact water is vital to the existence of all forms of life on earth. Water or H2O, is an unusual compound with amazing properties, these unique properties are what make it so important to life. All living organisms that use fresh water will die. Because of the availability and quality of water have always played an important part in determining where people can live and also their quality of life. Life revolves around water. Water IS life.
Water has always been suitable for all uses, but it has not been available when and where it is needed, even though there has always been plenty of fresh water on Earth. But it has its limits and boundaries to its availability and suitability for usage, so it must be considered as a finite resource. If there is no water, ecosystems will not be able to process effectively, because we are all connected together. To go in further details of the ecosystem, all the water, water temperature, plants, animals, light, air and soil all work together. Say for instance, if there is not enough water, light or if the soil does not have the right nutrients, the plants will die. If the plants die, the animals that depend on them for food will die. And
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