What Makes A Worldview?

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A worldview is the philosophy or belief of an individual in regards to how he or she answers the following: what prime reality is, who or what created humans and the universe (if they were even created), what makes someone a human, where do humans go when they die (if they go anywhere), what the purpose of a human is, if Truth is something that exists, and what morality should be (how humans should act & what is good or evil) (Vidal 2). There are several types of worldviews that people have trust in such as naturalism, theism, postmodernism, nihilism, etc. These worldviews divide the entire world, separating one culture from another. A worldview can be so complex that it creates cultures and belief systems within itself. As an example, the worldview of theism is found in the Christian and Islamic cultures, to of the predominant religions in the world (Bellaimey). While both religions believe in the same God, each religion has different sets of convictions and commandments both physically and spiritually: Christians and Muslims dress differently according to their beliefs, ultimately to obey their God; they worship differently as well. Another religion that is dissimilar from the ones previously mentioned is Hinduism, a religion mostly practiced in South Asian countries such as India and Nepal (Das 1). Hindus are polytheistic and worship several diverse gods and deities. Cultural disparity does not only occur in the theism worldview: it can occur in any worldview. A country
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