What Makes An Effective Classroom Manager?

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There are many misconceptions of what makes an effective classroom manager. Often, teachers believe that if you are able to “control” or “demand” good behavior; this represents effective classroom management. It was once said that a child doesn’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care. When teachers build rapport with their students; students often present positive behavior. According to Jones, Bailey & Jacob, (2014, p.20) teachers who establish and maintain high-quality, trusting relationships with students can draw on their history of positive interactions in order to address classroom management challenges as they arise. One can refer this as making deposits and withdrawals. The relationship presents itself as a bank account; when you contiousily build rapport with students you have are making deposits of positive interactions. So, that when those problematic encounters, challenges or (withdrawals); take place there is a positive balance. Once this occurs there is evidence of effective communication and relationships between students and teachers. Furthemore, building positive relationships with students is fundamental to effective classroom management. As per Jones, Bailey & Jacob, (2014) notes“ by implementing management strategies that actively build children’s social emotional and self-regulatory skills, teachers maximize their management efforts and increase the likelihood that students will be able to respond successfully to their…

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