What Makes An Effective Helper?

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What It Takes to be an Effective Helper There are a variety of reasons that brought me to want to be in the human services field of work, but the most important reason, was the diagnose given to my family that my son had a learning disability called autism. I do not know how to prepare myself or move forward, nor did I know how to look for or find resources to help us, and when it came to his education, I was at a complete loss. As a parent, I knew I had to do something, and that started with placing myself back to school. I knew if I went to school and learn how to be a better advocate for my son, I could also learn how to be a better advocate for many others. Why just help one, when I could possibly help more. I began on the assumption I would just obtain my two year from Edmonds Community College, giving me enough education in learning how the public schools work with disabilities, laws, resources, and learning how to advocate for my son. However, as I approached my graduation, I felt that I had not accomplished what I had set out to do. I was going to be limited to my abilities in helping others due to the lack of education I had. So I began researching my options after Edmonds Community College, which led me to my next journey chipping away at my bachelor’s degree at City U of Seattle. Characteristics of an Effective Helper For a professional to be an effective helper, they must be able to fully understand where exactly their client is at with their problem (s),
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