What Makes An Empire So Successful?

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The empire is wealthy. Success is constant; the trained and equipped army group is destroying enemies. Having three leaders on each satrap is both effective and innovative. Having postal service and roads makes communication simple. Although there is much to commend, my job is more effective when I correct mistakes, although there are few errors, some are evident. The greater society would benefit in changes such as, having the group of 100,000 almost defenseless warriors cared for; raising the tribute prices and compromise wit the conquered about keeping laws, religion, and language after being conquered; and spreading out ethnic groups. Having the majority of your military being drafted, unprepared and unequipped is ineffective and offensive to the civilians. A necessary part of creating a united empire is influencing the people to feel valued. Having 100,000 people with clubs as weapon fighting against spears and swords is forcing them to feel…show more content…
Currently, the empire is divided into 20 different ethnic groups. It can be a great thing to be diverse when done correctly, but this is not the best way to deal with the situation. By incentivizing people to spread you not only limit the chance of destruction but also force people to benefit from others. Different skillsets can combine to make an ideal group. This will bring the dying Persian culture back to life. Everyone will know people with the Persian culture and after experiencing it; the culture might rub off on them. Persians are a minority and this change will help make the culture known and still keep diversity. Another benefit would be people less likely to rebel because of paying tribute because they will be with less people of the same laws, religion and language. With a strong known culture, small chances of rebellion and people benefiting from each other this empire will success like no other civilization has ever
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