What Makes An Enterprise Nosql Database Different From Non Enterprise? Essay

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What makes an Enterprise NoSQL database different from Non-Enterprise is the way it handles enterprise-class and enterprise scale application. Enterprise NoSQL needs to be secure because security of the modern enterprise is built in such a way that it does not allow user, as well as developers, access to data stored in the database especially its sensitive data. That is why some NoSQL vendors advertise their product as having better security privileges that meet the standards of a number of Government and business programs. Also, its robustness needs to be proven reliable with good uptime to satisfy service level agreements. This is necessary especially to professionals who need to store data without experiencing any data loss or data redundancy. It also needs to meet the needs of ACID which means the enterprise application should be atomic, consistent, isolated, and durable for its transactions that way it enables the support of several document transaction formats. The ability to support real-time indexing and full text search is necessary to meet the real-time requests of data in whatever forms or formats the request is received. Modern search capabilities such as wildcards, phrase search, etc. need to be supported by the enterprise NoSQL. That way, all the index functions are updated in real-time. For the purpose of this paper, we are going to focus on these three type of NoSQL database BigTable, Cassandra, DynamoDB. BigTable: What we should know about BigTable;

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