What Makes An Identity For Myself?

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They may even only take pictures of a precise part of them that they believe looks the best. Many of them also make faces that they think make them look more flattering. These girls’ ultimate goals are to make people think they look a certain way that matches what society says they should look like. I have also experienced girls taking pictures with certain lighting that makes their eyes pop or their hair look different. The other day, as I was walking down the sidewalk, I saw two girls taking a picture together. They snapped one and then said no I do not like that and went somewhere else where the light was better. So many people focus on making themselves look the way society thinks is good and go to great links to do so. On my own…show more content…
There is a popular show on MTV called Catfish. In this show, two friends travel the country trying to help people find others that they have met on Facebook. Many times the other people are not really who they say they are. This idea of pretending to be someone else on social media is now called catfishing. If you watch this show you will find that there are many fake profiles on Facebook, but that is what this show does. It purposefully finds those profiles. So while there are fakes out there, as long you protect yourself from adding people you do not know you should not be wary. And while making a fake profile is a way of completely altering your identity, it is not what I am discussing. The people who do this are a lot of times hurting and are trying to achieve some larger purpose of satisfaction. While they are also altering identity they are doing it in an extreme way; they truly are lying about who they are. And still Facebook is just a tool they decided to use in order to accomplish this. There can also be an argument that people have a slightly different identity because we have multiple identities in the real world. Michael Zimmer would be one of those people. He made an argument on his website against what Mark Zuckerberg, creator of Facebook, once said about identity. Zuckerberg said that if you try and have more than one identity then you are being fake. Zimmer disagrees with that. He said, “[i]ndividuals are constantly
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