What Makes An Officer A Great Officer?

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Our Nation`s Finest, Police, Cops, Law Enforcement, Officers-all revered titles describing the men and women who protect and serve our communities. Everyone views members of law enforcement as assured, strong, and decisive keepers of peace and protectors against crime and violence. When injustices occur, we “Call the Cops”, seeking immediate resolution and reinforcement. They come to our rescue; modern day heroes. We do not think of them as weak or indecisive. We have even empowered them with weapons for protection and allowances not available to the general public to assist in enforcement in “out of control” situations. In spite of his strength and resolve, there is one unmentionable plague that remains significant within the Brotherhood of officers. It is not discussed, it`s often disguised and hidden, and it is enabler is often an inadvertent side effect of the very nature of what makes an officer a great officer. It is suicide. As our society moves towards the future into the 2000`s many past taboo subjects in our culture have now become dinner table fodder. Sex-infidelity & orientation, teen pregnancy, and drugs are now commonplace subjects up for discussion. Yet for the people who work to protect us, who risk their lives daily for our wellbeing, discussion of officer suicide is just in the dawn of its age. Suicide rates in the Police force often are quoted as double that compared to the general populace, yet remain hidden behind secrecy and shame. We value and depend
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