What Makes An Organization Ethical?

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What makes an organisation ethical?
Since the early years, we as human beings seeking ways of generating more and more profits for ourselves, during the exploration people discovered that it would be much more efficient to work together as partners, groups, teams, which would eventually creating an ‘organisation’ when certain requirements have been met. An organisation is defined by the business dictionary:
A social unit of people that is structured and managed to meet a need or to pursue collective goals. (The Business Dictionary, 2015)
An organisation consists of hundreds or even thousands of individuals, it would be extremely difficult keeping everybody within the organisation happy with their earnings; especially there are limited resource available under the intensive competition against other organisations. In order to maintain an all-win situation for all members within the organisation, it has be suggested to implement some ‘unusual’ methods in order to generate larger profits even if it takes some ‘unethical’ actions which clearly wouldn’t look very appealing to the public. These actions including exploiting weaker groups of people and cheating the regulations etc.
A perfect example of the would be Nike in 2011 who was accused for using child labour and sweat shops in their Indonesia factories, workers also complained that the supervisors often mentally and physically abuse them which definitely can be classified as defying the human right. As the world’s biggest…
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