What Makes An Organization Successful?

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Amazon What attributes make an organization successful? It depends on the environment, the management style as well as a host of other factors. Since the late 19th century sociologist have been studying organizations to determine, what works and what doesn’t, to be effective and purposeful. Through the past century theories have been developed to define organization structures, such as open systems theory that says organizations can be mechanistic or conversely organic. Other theories like Institutional theory seek to explain how organizations are influenced by their environments. Resource dependence theory details how all organizations rely on their environment for resources that they cannot create on their own, even when other organizations hold these resources.
Amazon.com is the largest online retailer based in the United States. The organization employees more than 150,000 people worldwide. Amazon.com was at the forefront of e-commerce in the 1990’s, starting out as an online bookstore, the company has morphed into a modern day juggernaut. Amazon now offers a diverse selection of items and services and has retail websites specific to over ten countries worldwide. As one of the 1st big online retailers, the company paved the way for the boom in the online shopping market. Operating as Amazon.com since 1995, and headquartered in Seattle Washington the company has grown to encompass a plethora of online services and products. Amazon is not only a leader in…

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