What Makes Apple Products?

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Apple is one of the most recognized companies in the world today. What makes Apple products most recognized is the forms of advertisements the company uses in persuading the consumers rather than of their pioneering innovations and aspiring ideas their products have to offer. Each advertisement by the company uses single or multiple propaganda techniques. One must understand that Apple was company that was not on top of the business world until the company started using propaganda in the 1990s (Nudd,Tim). The propaganda was a great success as it used catchy phrase such as "Think Different" copying the IBM 's "Think IBM" campaign. Despite not having new products on market, once this advertisement was aired using some of the world heroes including Gandhi, MLK Jr. and Albert Einstein, their sales grew and the company profited (Siltanen, Rob). Use of these influential thinkers was one way of idealizing the company with them. This is when it was realized by the company initially, the importance of the propaganda use in their advertisements. Apple continues to cleverly use a variety of propaganda techniques in order to maximize their commercial impact on the general public. This paper will further explore a few of the propaganda techniques used by Apple to increase their sales and generate higher revenues compared with its competitors. Apple Incorporated was a company established in 1976 by a small group of people trying to build computers. Ever since then, they have been
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