What Makes Ceja Vineyards Successful Like Amelia Get Her Education

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The different factors have made Ceja Vineyards successful like Amelia get her education (viticulture) related to the Vineyard industry. This factor contributes a lot toward its success. Furthermore another factor which is important for the success of this brand is that it is family owned business and every person of this family is involved in this business and taking his/her responsibilities with care. The most important factor which I believe is the most important one toward their success is that they are involved in both growing of grapes and production of vine from these grapes. So Ceja Company is well aware of all possible steps to enhance the quality of their products.

2. How likely is it that Ceja will be able to maintain its differentiation strategy in the future? (10 points)

Ceja vineyards passage into the distribution market of the winery may be confronted with a few forces from rivalry. The principal is a danger as another entrant. As another entrant focusing on the U.S. Hispanic purchaser fragment, they may require Ceja to revamp their premium wine Ceja is known for. They may acquire considerable incremental promotional costs, and they may lose their quickly developing sales channel of their wine buying club. Ceja access to distribution channels can be a boundary to section additionally, in view of the new entrants ' have to get distribution for its item. As another entrant they may need to influence the distribution channels to acknowledge its item by giving

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