What Makes Celebrity Worship?

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Troy Howard Essay 1 Nesbitt 9/12/15 Stop Following Celebrities! Everyone has that one friend who is head over heels in love with a celebrity. They will always follow them and say that a celebrity is their hero; but there is a serious difference between a hero and a celebrity. The people who seem like they can’t stop following a celebrity or can’t tell the difference between following a celebrity or hero might have celebrity worship syndrome. This is a real psychological disorder of the brain. According to Sensagent Online Dictionary, Celebrity worship syndrome is “an Obsessive-Addictive disorder where a person becomes overly involved in a celebrities personal life.” Celebrity worship syndrome is a very serious problem that people need to…show more content…
This means that they would constantly have fantasies about a celebrity and do thing that they might not even realize they are doing. These people feel like if they needed any sort of help that their celebrity would be there to save them. It is like they worship their celebrity as a god. Fortunately, the majority of the people they tested fell within the first two categories, but the test that the psychologists did revealed how prevalent celebrities were in people’s daily lives. Celebrity worship can develop from just being a psychological thing to actually hurting your brain. Doctors Maltby, Houran, Ashe, McCutcheon suggest that if a person has a high level of celebrity worship then they also have a high level of anxiety and depression. They also state that people might very well want to change the way they look because in their eyes the feel inadequate compared to the celebrity so they will body shame themselves and try to look and act just like their favorite celebrities. An example of this is a man by the name of Toby Shelton, who spent over $100,000 dollars in plastic surgery to look like Justin Bieber. Not only was this man 33 years old, but he was also obsessed with Justin Bieber in general. He ultimately ruined his body with plastic surgery (Daily Mail Reporter). Not much is understood about how people get to such a point of obsession or why people have the reactions they do around celebrities in
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