What Makes Consumers Buy Mcdonald 's And Burger King?

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What makes consumers buy McDonald’s and Burger King?


Marketing approaches are important for all businesses. Fast food restaurants such as McDonald’s and Burger King always incorporate new and effective means of marketing sales to increase profit, and greater levels of consumer loyalty, selling products consumers need or want and may possibly not find anywhere else.

Most memorable development and past achievement for McDonald’s was developing Ronald McDonald and the famous Golden Arches. Consumers looked at the images as inexpensive meals deals. McDonald’s historical success began when the company started producing meals such as hamburgers, French fries, milkshakes, soft drinks to coffee. Burger King was known for its
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Fast food is a sale of food and drinks for immediate consumption either at the restaurants eating areas or for consumption elsewhere. Companies would look at what consumers want therefore certain factors plays a significant important e.g. what image does the product give or how the consumer feels when purchasing the product.

An element to consider is that the buyer is not necessarily the user of the product and may have influences from others. Some consumers are quite loyal to the same brand, making the decision quite routine. In some instances some consumers might not need to make a decision and knows exactly what they want. Other factors that can influence consumers could range from lifestyle, knowledge, attitude, personalities and even roles they play e.g. if the consumer were to buy snack food for a party they may choose a higher quality product that he would choose when selecting for themselves. Motivation also plays a major role where consumers would look at financial position, time constraints and value for money.

Marketing functions starts of by evaluating a company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in order to create new clientele. Companies such as McDonald’s and Burger King would focus on competitors, economic environments and influencing advertising adds to direct consumers to their franchised restaurants.

McDonald’s and Burger King apply celebrity endorsements to get a consumers buy
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