What Makes Division 1 Better Than Division 3? Essay

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Michael Ordonez
Mrs. Cuculich
English 11
May 2, 2015
What Makes Division 1 Better Than Division 3?

Games. Parties. Fans. Sports. They’re the same at every college right? I can vividly remember the first time going to a Division 1 athletic event; however, I can’t seem to remember ever going to a Division 3 athletic event. I began to think. Why is that? What is it that makes Division 1 more appealing to athletes and spectators more than Division 3? They both have the same sports right? They both have the same rules too, right? These thoughts pointed me in the direction of my Topic—Division 1 vs. Division 3: Why is Division 1 better? I know why Division 1 is better for me; it offers more for athletes than Division 3 does. Not only does it offer more for athletes but it also presents more opportunities for athletes after college than Division 3, and they Division 1 schools are generally bigger than Division 3 schools. Division 1 athletes are typically more concerned about their athletics than they are with their academics, because, generally, they are there for an athletic scholarship. Not a academic scholarship. “Being a Division I athlete is a huge commitment. One must eat, sleep, and breathe one’s sport, and a D1 athlete can plan on training throughout the year to stay in tip-top condition. Further more, Division I athletes must commit to playing all four years if they want to keep their athletic scholarship,” (Mark Montgomery, GCA). This quote is stating that Division 1
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