What Makes Fashion Heal?

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There are many aspects to the question of whether or not Fashion can heal. This report investigates the possibility of fashion as a creative therapy in it’s own right and proposes that fashion can aid in pain management, as well as improving wellbeing and mental health, and provides evidence to support this theory. It assesses the healing properties of textiles such as Ayurvastra, and sets out the research which supports the claims that such fabrics can heal much more than just topical skin conditions. It also evaluates the potential for fashion and clothing garments to assist in the treatment of for example psychomotor deficient children and dementia sufferers through the use of sensory and tactile therapy clothing.

3.1. Purpose & Scope
It is widely accepted that Fashion makes people look good. In contrast, there is less evidence to prove or disprove whether or not Fashion can make people feel good. Not just in the sense of retail therapy and increasing self-confidence, but in relation to healing our body and mind, and increasing our sense of well-being. The purpose of this study was to determine if fashion could indeed heal us from within, or if it could only make us feel better superficially. This report covers fashion as a creative arts therapy, as well as investigating the evidence in relation to the efficacy of healing fabrics and textiles, and the potential use of fashion in relation to tactile and sensory
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