What Makes Frodo A Hero

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Heroes in “The Lord of The Rings” film Lord of the rings is one of the most famous work of J. R. R. Tolkien. The best adaptation of Tolkien work is the film “The Lord of the Rings” The Fellowship of the Ring of (2001). Basically, the plot of this film is centralized in Frodo. He is described as a: “Christ-figure in the trilogy who reflects Tolkien's strong religious beliefs, struggles against incredible odds and his doubts and temptations to do what he knows must be done” (Biography source). Moreover, Frodo’s goal is to destroy the ring, and prevent the ring reaches his master. The author makes this story a fantasy novel that contains epic characters of mythology. In the fellowship of the ring, Tolkien uses different type characters who later became heroes and are all equally necessary to complete the…show more content…
Throughout this story, there are many heroes displayed in the film, but just a few of them are more influential. One of them is Frodo, seen as a small, curious, thoughtful, observant, without any special abilities, and unfailingly polite hobbit. However, what makes him a really important and unique hero is his bravery. One example of this, is when he said:” I will take it...I will take it...I will take the Ring to Mordor” (Tolkien 80). In fact, at the beginning of the story, Frodo did not display any hero qualities. But that changes over time. This change is really impressive because he does not consider himself a hero, but the job must be done. In fact, his determination to do his best and his bravery are the keys to be successful in his mission. However, Frodo is not like the other heroes because: “Frodo, as a hero in his own right, displays slightly less helpless hero-worship for Aragorn than do the others, though while Aragorn is with them, he bows to his judgment” (biography
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