What Makes Homo Sapiens Special?

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Humans have subjugated the world, populating almost every continent. Homo sapiens have risen to an overpowering, dominant level. But why us? What gave Homo sapiens such an advantage? Homo sapiens are special in a cognitive sense, and the only major evolutionary advantage they have been given is able brains. Humans are intellectually driven- we want to learn things. They have more inventive ability than any other living creature. They enjoy expression and explaining things to those around us. In fact, Homo sapiens think so big and so inventively that human bodies have had to change to fit their ability to think and to create. Humans have learned so much over the course of our 200,000 year existence, and we continue to strive for knowledge.
First, an innate craving for understanding is an important trait unique to humans. It is remarkable that Homo sapiens take time to just try and figure things out. This is something that has been apparent throughout the entirety of humans’ existence, and still is today. We try to conceive a way to make tasks easier, and we understand that the only method by which this can be done is to first have a total understanding of the mechanics of things. This desire for comprehension is reflected in humans’ gradual exodus from Africa. The most popular theory is that humans left Africa solely because they were instinctively curious about what lies beyond the environment they have become accustomed to (NOVA, episode 2). Humans have
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