What Makes Humans Truly Unique?

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When asking, “what is it that makes humans truly unique?” you must first ask yourself what unique means. In the grand scheme of the universe, humans may not be that unique but here on Earth we are very much so. We shape the world around us every day, for better or worse. We are by no means the most abundant species on the planet, (that title goes to ants), but we are the only species on Earth protecting other species. So in this case, unique means more progressive and more biologically advanced than any other species on Earth. To find that answer we must look at the biological reasons as well as the social reasons we are more unique than other animals. Opposable thumbs, along with our use of language and invention of technology are what make humans truly unique from all other species.
The closest animal to the human race are primates. Chimpanzee’s and humans are 99 percent identical in terms of genetics, but where they differ are their thumbs. Doctor Prabhakar says, “Opposable thumbs, manual dexterity and ankle or foot adaptations for walking on two legs are hallmarks of our species” (Scientist Live Magazine). Humans and primates were on the same evolutionary path up until Homo-sapiens broke off around 1-2 million years ago in Africa. From there, scientists believe they spread throughout the world and evolved along the same path; Roughly 30,000 years ago they became the modern humans we are today. In doing so, Homo-sapiens killed off (or interbred with) all the other
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