What Makes Individuals Attempt Or Complete Suicide?

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Some of these questions we ask are what makes individuals attempt or complete suicide” Are there ways to prevent these suicidal behaviors? Is this morally permissible and acceptable behavior? Is suicide a family trait or is this something that it does not pass on to other members? This article will examine the main currents of historical and contemporary philosophical thought surrounding these questions.
In America today we have this horrible issue of suicide. Suicide is defined as the act of one killing them self purposely. This is an act wherein you end your life due to personal issues that feel you cannot overcome. This ineluctability is stunning and is discussed in a novel by Jeffery Eugenides called The Virgin Suicides. This is a Novel the describes the reactions of several teenaged boys that had to handle the death of their sisters. The boys saved some of the belongings and made several attempts to understand the reasons behind these girls suicide deaths.
When someone committed suicide they leave many unanswered questions because we don’t know what was in their minds, if this could have been prevented, or what all caused these feelings to happen. We have to find the pieces of the puzzle. No matter how we try to put it together we may never be able to grasp what happened. “Undoubtedly, the challenge of simply fathoming suicide accounts for the vast array of attitudes toward suicide found in the history of Western civilization: bafflement, dismissal, heroic
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