What Makes Life Coaching?

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Desires can become your destiny. To make any changes in your life you must first acknowledge that something needs to change. This realisation might come about after experiencing difficulties in one, or commonly, more areas of your life. These might include:- Self esteem and confidence Relationships Career Work/life balance Health Parenting Stress Bad habits (smoking, excessive drinking) Exercise and nutrition Debt and finances Weight loss Anxiety, depression and panic attacks It is however important to acknowledge that although many of these factors impact on our life situation, truly they are just symptoms. It is our core beliefs that shape our life experience; those things that we believe and think about ourselves, others and the world at large. Exploring your core beliefs begins to raise self awareness and acts as the catalyst for change. What is life coaching? Life coaching is a very positive and effective practice which helps people make significant and meaningful (i.e. ones which will last) changes in their lives. Although it is important to accept and acknowledge your past, indeed it has brought you to the point you are at now, life coaching deals with the present moment and shaping your future, rather than focusing on your past. The role of a life coach is to help you to assess your life situation, as it is now, look at what you want to achieve in your life and then help you decide how you can best achieve that. A life coach guides, motivates, assures,
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