What Makes Make Up A Overall Good Movie?

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Have you ever endured a movie for an hour or two, just to be thoroughly disappointed at the ending? Or have you been very enticed by seeing previews, only to find out that the movie itself is a total fluke? Yes, we have all seen a movie only to be completely let down and upset at the overall film. Some of us even have these great ideas that would have made a terrible movie into an acceptable one. But is there really a magic formula in creating a movie? Some might say it’s just a matter of a good director, a lot of planning and a splash of good luck, but let me go right ahead regardless if you agree or disagree with me and tell you some of the things that i think make up a overall good movie! Some of the best movies that all of us have ever watched leave us wanting more, ending that surprises us or makes us feel a little more connected to the movie. Based on this idea, we can say that there are a few qualities that all great movies should share with one another which is why they always have the box office records. Looking at the main idea of a movie, we can identify what to expect from it if it’s a zombie movie, we know we will see plenty of bloodshed, if it’s a movie about a couple, we can guess that they break up and then make up again and they shall do that about 100 more times. If it’s a sports movie, then you know its going to be about the sport that you are watching it about. But the great thing is about sports movie not to mention this is why it’s my favorite kind of
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