What Makes Me An Outstanding Teacher?

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Outstanding! Dynamic! Engaged! Driven! These are all words that I’ve heard used to describe who I am. My own personal feelings are a little more intuitive. Caring! Concerned! Committed! Combining all of these terms would lead one to believe that there is something extra ordinary about me, however, the truth is, it’s not me, there is something bigger at stake here, something larger driving this machine. That thing is Purpose, Purpose in fact is what makes me an outstanding teacher. I am purposed to be at my school, in my room, with my students and we have a calling to fulfill, we all understand this and that too makes me an outstanding teacher. The rewards I find in teaching are tantamount, just today a student said to me “I used to hate Social Studies but now I love it” eight days in and they’re already loving it. See, I believe that teaching is a calling and those whom are called have already been purposed to achieve great things. In my classroom I teach about real life, real experiences and real injustices. I use these real discussions to help students make connections between prior and new knowledge. I teach students to think deeply, to ask questions and to defend their opinions even when they are talking to me, I teach them to own knowledge, to be confident and identify evidence to defend their positions. As an educator the most valuable thing I can give my students is to show them that even I at my best am a student always willing to learn and grow. The philosophies
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