What Makes Me Happy?

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What makes me happy We have fantastic projects. The research and methods are unique and fun. I 'm always proud to talk about my job, since it is usually way cooler and more interesting than anyone else’s! Additionally, the fact that we have such varied projects is great. We’ve worked in cultural, athletic, health care, and more (even gun technology!) industries. This keeps the work fresh and exposes me to many different industries. I get to use both sides of my brain which I think is a rare balance. I can move from doing more creative work to working with numbers for lite-quant or a BUP. I love to learn about individual behavior and group trends. This position gives me not only that, but it is amplified, since I am assisting in collecting the primary data that leads to these insights. As the only other full-time employee, I am given a great deal of responsibility. I am glad that I feel trusted enough to take on such a high level of responsibility within the company. Working on the NYPHIL project was a good experience that made me feel trusted enough to take on a client-facing research role. This, to me, has been a good sign that I am growing in my position. In general, I feel very trusted to be a face of Kudzu. I have been welcomed into high level meetings, I can discuss issues directly with clients. My voice is heard. For example, when I said I wanted to focus more on research, you gave me a bigger role, and when I make suggestions for the Kolony, I feel like my
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