What Makes Member Entry Into Associations?

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If you know the requirements for getting in the associations, it will make your life much easier through interacting, external environment, amount of resources, and demographics. The most research question among the three questions that have an impact to me is what explains member entry into associations. Entering any organizations, it’s important to know the demographics, how they operate outside of the environment, and. how much human resources is available for employees. For example, I was volunteering last semester at the All Stars Project. I was called for the interview, and I noticed that most of the people that work there are blacks, between ages 35 and up. During the interview, they asked if I can hand out flyers outside and they replied and said this cannot be done because I am a female. Throughout Newark, any organizations out there are affected by the external environment. I think solidary benefits have an impact on how individuals interact in the association. According to Powell (2006), the author states that members can join an association in order to make friends with like-minded individuals (p.528). I don’t see how this statement can be reasonable; when I am thinking about it, it’s just like going to a club. I think membership association is a committed organization based on its mission and values. Some of the factors that are discussed in the reading which explains how a person interacts contributing to money for a charitable cause. Three of the factors are

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