What Makes Military Expertise Necessary For The Civil Military Relations?

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Expert Knowledge and Captains
As Captains, officers will be given the opportunity to become company commanders. Command holds the highest level of responsibility of any duty position in the Army. Commanders are responsible for millions of dollars of equipment, dozens of lives, and the application of lethal force. This responsibility is what makes military expertise vitally important to Captains in the United States Army. Additionally, the responsibilities of Command, if carried out improperly have the ability to cause significant harm to civil-military relations in this country. Gregory D. Foster identifies several shortcomings of the civil-military relationship in the rant he published in 2007. Though he offers no solutions to the
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The third field, “political-cultural,” summarizes how Army professionals represent themselves outside of military operations (Army, 2015). Commanders must ensure that they present themselves in a professional manner outside of the uniform, because, as leaders in the Army, a commander’s actions will be representative of the Army, regardless of whether they are in uniform. The final field is, “leader-human development,” this field centers around creating leaders and Soldiers who are experts in their fields (Army, 2015). This is the most important field for a commander to understand. The commander has a large influence on the development of the Soldiers in their care. As such a commander, must work to become an expert in the three-other field mentioned in chapter five, so that they can utilize that expertise to create experts within their unit. The development of expert knowledge within the force can help to remedy the lack of political neutrality Foster (2007) identified in his paper. By developing experts, and focusing their development using the fields identified in chapter five commanders have the opportunity to eliminate, what Foster (2007) calls, “pronounced ideological conservatism and Republican political preference.” This political preference can only stem from the development of Soldiers, by leaders who are not experts in the four fields mentioned in chapter five. Otherwise, all Soldiers would make
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