What Makes More Special About Me

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My life has been and continue to be nothing but a series of amazing and interesting stories, filled with ups and down as any other normal person experience. What is more special about me is the fact that I have been very instrumental in the remarriage process of my parents who were divorced when I was only nine. Five years later when I turn 14 years I realized that I cannot continue to stay in a single parents house whole under the custody of my father and his mother (my grandmother). Because in a traditional African society, a divorced wife is usually sent back home to her biological parents where she belong. Usually children remain home with their father because that is where they belong, unless they are very young like new born within the age of one month old to 5 years old. I may not know nor was I curious enough to understand the reason behind my parents divorced but I do know this that they still love each other during divorce period due to the conversations I had with both during divorce period. I will often go tell my mother sweet things about my father and will vice versa to my mom and eventually to my surprise and credit, my grandmother just informed me one morning that my mother is scheduled to be back home soon. I could not believe what she was saying. I asked what? She said because she and my father have both realized their mistakes, embraces their differences, apologized to each other and realized that the life and the children they had together and the
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